International Antarctic Treaty Expedition 2009 – Why me?

Antarctica expedition 1

Please tell us why you would like to participate in this expedition?

The powerful stories of previous 2041 participants have inspired many young people around the world including me, to work towards a sustainable present and future. As a young Indian, I consider myself extremely lucky to have the education and opportunity to be able to understand my role in a green future and do something about it individually and collectively.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” Robert Swan OBE.

This describes a large number of Indians. There are other people working to mitigate climate change, and anyway it doesn’t affect anything major in my lifetime so why really bother? I used to be one of these people. It’s been a while since I realized that there can’t be no “someone else” saving the planet. It’s either all of us in it together or nothing.

Everyday India’s role in climate change becomes more urgent. As a global citizen and a patriotic Indian I want to play a role in ensuring that the present and future generations understand the behavioral and lifestyle shifts needed save planet Earth from the threat of climate change. One objective of applying to participate in IATE 2009 was to be able to give these ideas a tangible form.

My ambition is to start up in the near future. At present I’m exploring different business ideas all of which have some common features – Social impact, sustainable, international, creative and young. This expedition gives me the perfect opportunity to explore business ideas in the energy space and build a network of peers and mentors to support me in executing the business plan.

Through my previous experiences in AIESEC I have been able to develop a network of young people around the world who want to play a leading role in social issues, climate change being foremost. The most effective way to mobilize an individual or network to action is through a powerful story. I hope to make my IATE 2009 story a powerful one that reaches young people around the world building awareness and change towards a sustainable future. expedition-3

Pledge to Credit Suisse:

“I would like to thank Credit Suisse for gifting me this once in a lifetime opportunity. I truly believe that the solution to global warming lies in a change of attitude and human behavior. One of the most effective ways of modifying human behavior is through powerful story telling. Stories that are impossible but true, stories that inspire action. I promise to make my Credit Suisse Antarctica story a powerful one that reaches many young people in India and around the world. I have been looking for an opportunity to understand my role in a sustainable future, including the development of a business idea and youth network in India on this topic. Thank you and I will definitely make the most of this opportunity.”

  1. Bee said:

    Deeptiiiiiiiii!! you are going to love the experience! I wish I could go again, but there’s only a chance a life, that’s how it should be.

    Big hug!

    ps. Jennifer Trujillo will join you there as well. She was on my Colombian MC – great girl!

  2. Swetha said:

    “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”-this is so true.I cant believe you are a green Hyderabadi and i have to meet you.Would love to meet you and introduce you to the IYCN Hyderabad team.

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