My DiY Spree!

‘I’m convinced that Pinterest can teach me to build my dream house with nothing but foam wreaths, ladders, wine bottles and a glue gun.’

For some years now I have harbored a secret interest for decorating and designing homes in creative ways, without burning a big hole in the pocket. In fact, at one point I was thinking of starting a small business as an amateur interior designer catering to young people looking for spunky ideas within limited budgets. Although I never really got around to starting a business, I did manage to experiment with small projects at home, in Rotterdam, Hyderabad and Bombay. The last few months have completely changed my outlook towards DIY or Do-it-yourself decorating projects – all thanks to Ben Silbermann, who decided to found Pinterest! Pinterest has given me the inspiration and confidence to be ambitious with my experiments and implement cool design ideas. I might even think of using Pinterest as the basis for an off-beat interior design consultancy at some point.

After quitting work last month, I decided to make use of my free time and take up a few DIY projects for the new house we were moving into. Here are some of the results – 

Wine Corks in Glass Jars and Frames


Upcycled Ladder Bookshelf


Wine Bottle Lights – Yellow


Wine Bottle Lights – Pink

Painted Wine Bottles

Crates Upcycled as a Bar

  1. anushka said:

    Fabulous stuff deepti, I have tried the wine bottle bit with fairy lights myself and they are soooo pretty 🙂

  2. chidambaram said:

    Hi Deepti,

    Congrats, looks fantastic. I’m into something similar, niche housing and spaces. Expat housing, student housing etc. pls mail be your contact no, would love to have a chat.
    Chidu , Aiesec Chennai.

    • Deepti said:

      Thanks! I sent you a msg on facebook (hopefully, it is you!). Look forward to speaking!

  3. I would be very interested to know how you made your glass bottle lights – I have also been looking at how to recycle old energy inefficient bulbs now that I have changed all mine over!

  4. Okay – now this is just fabulous. One more thing to add to my ever growing list of home design inspiration.

  5. Sushant said:

    Hi Deepti, I stumbled upon your blog through a Google search result. I have started an online building materials marketplace called SimplySource ( – We are in BLR. I am quite intrigued by some of your designs. Please do connect with me, I would love you to write on our blog, and also to exchange cool ideas around DiY. Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

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