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A young AIESECer in Iran writes a mail of reassurance to Annika, Director for AIESEC in the Middle East and North Africa:

“Well I cannot say that everything is fine…From Saturday there have been huge fights between the Government and all the people who know that there have been a big cheat in the elections. Everyday you can here the news from here and there about the number of people (normal to important ones) who have been arrested. The police have been controlling it all. Like most streets are guarded with thousands of polices. (that they even do not look like Iranian, I am not sure from which country they have imported them! 😉 )

But be sure we are still safe and also the AIESEC interns, we have tried to take care of them more than usual, some of them accommodated in our own houses!

People are so much angry with the election results, and also so many other leaders and the other candidates have started some movement, although they have house arrested them all! Today gonna be a big strike on the streets all over the country and from last night people have started to shout “Allah Akbar” on the roofs. Not sure for how long ths will continue. But as the current government is having all the power by blocking the SMS system, cellphones and so many website and more over so slow internet connection that you can not even check your mail or upload any file, as they do not wanna any news go out of the country, they have closed most communication channels. I am not sure about what have been communicated on news worldwide as the satellite and all the news channels is blocked! 😀

But still there is not so much to worry about or any threat for AIESEC, and I do not hink it takes so much long time.

Thanks for taking care.”

“In 1996 I went to Iran for Guardian Weekend. A doctoral student at the University of Tehran who was working with the team that was bringing the internet to Iran, told me that the internet would be the undoing of the regime,” – Linda Grant, novelist.

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